1. I am new to SmugMug, but interested in purchasing an account and possibly one of your template designs. Do you offer any discounts?

    We do! To any new customer of SmugMug, we can offer you 20% off of your first year of subscription. Please visit this link to learn more!

  2. How much are your templates? Are there any extra fees?

    Any of our template designs are a base price of $599. This price includes everything you see in our clickable template demos - homepage slideshow, portfolio or gallery area, bio or about page, services or info page, client login mechanism and the contact page. If you need extra pages, just let us know. We charge $50/additional page depending on the length of text or complexity of the page.

  3. Do you offer domain name purchases? Can you set-up my custom domain with my new SmugMug template design?

    Of course! We offer you a variety of hosting services whether it is a new domain name or web hosting space. Click here to learn more. In addition, we can set-up your custom domain name with SmugMug at no charge to you, just let us know at the time of purchase.

    Note: If you are purchasing a blog integration with your SmugMug template purchase, you will also need WordPress web hosting space. It is required you purchase this WordPress web hosting space with www.fastlinemedia.com/hosting/.

  4. How long does it take for you to install my new SmugMug template design?

    Our turnaround time is approx. 10 - 15 business days from the date we receive your payment, content and your logo. If you need it installed sooner, we do offer rush service for an additional $75.

  5. If after the completed installation, I need changes or modifications to what you have done, is there a charge?

    Yes, we do charge our hourly rate of $100/hour if changes and/or modifications are needed to the initial template installation. For this reason, it is highly recommended you review the template demo of the design you've chosen in its entirety, send everything we need before installation and make sure to double-check for spelling or any other possible errors. Note: the items we need for the template installation will be emailed across once payment has been made as part of the process.

  6. What if I don't have a logo?

    You can hire us to design you a custom logo or specify a font for our designers to use with your business name on your new site. If specifying a commercial font, we will purchase the font on your behalf and send you an invoice for the cost.

  7. Will I be able to add, update and delete photos/galleries after you customize my site?

    Yes, nothing will change about the way you work with SmugMug once your template has been installed other than working with main categories as mentioned in #18 below. All of the default gallery features and functionality you enjoy now will remain!

  8. Will I be able to add, update or delete photos from the homepage slideshow?

    Of course! Your homepage slideshow will be pulled directly from a SmugMug gallery where you can manage your slideshow photos to your hearts desire!

  9. Will I be able to edit text and change images on the content pages such as "Bio" or "Services"?

    Yes, you will be able to edit and change both using SmugMug's new amazing customization tools! Some of our homepage layouts require light HTML editing but the rest can be done with SmugMug's easy to use text editor.

  10. Can I change or choose a different font to be used for the site navigation text and/or body text throughout the template design I have chosen?

    Yes! All of our templates can be easily customized using SmugMug's new skinning tool, which includes fonts and colors.

  11. Can I change the links in the navigation?

    Yes! You may change any of the links in the navigation you currently see in our template demos. You may also add additional navigation titles if you like.

  12. Are your templates or customizations mobile friendly? Do they contain Flash?

    All of our template designs and customization work are completely mobile and iDevice friendly including the homepage slideshow, which is our own custom built Javascript/CSS3 slideshow technology.

  13. Will I be able to edit the background and/or colors of the new site?

    Yes, this can be done with a few clicks using SmugMug's new customization tools. Want to take it a step further? No problem! You have full access to our custom HTML and CSS as well.

  14. I see you now offer custom text page layouts, how does that work and what are they?

    Glad you asked! Yes, we do now offer custom text page layouts for your SmugMug template. These layouts are accomplished by using SmugMug's built in content boxes so rest assured you will easily be able to edit text and change out images as you see fit after we are done. This service runs $150 in addition to your template purchase and involves a brief email consultation on what you are looking for. From there, we'll build out your text pages (2 total) to look exactly as you would like using the examples that can be seen in our template demos here.

  15. Can I order a blog with my template design? Can I add the blog at a later date if desired?

    You bet! All of our template designs have the ability to be seamlessly integrated with the WordPress platform at any time. Blog integrations are available for any of our templates or SmugMug customization services for $599.

    Note: If you are purchasing a blog integration with your SmugMug template purchase, you will also need WordPress web hosting space. It is required you purchase this WordPress web hosting space with www.fastlinedomains.com.

  16. What SmugMug account level will I need for you to customize my site? Do you need my username and password?

    You will need a Power or Pro account for us to access the areas we will need to insert your new site code files. Yes, we will need your main account username and password to perform the installation.

  17. How should I prepare my site for the template installation? How does the Portfolio area work in your templates?

    We recommend you start by organizing your galleries if you already haven't. We use top-level folders such as Portfolio in the navigation so it is preferred you organize the structure of your galleries accordingly. If you have several folders created now, please move those into sub-folders under the Portfolio parent folder and start to move all of your galleries into their appropriate areas.

    You may also upload/create a gallery titled "Slideshow" in the Other folder and upload 10 - 15 images or more if you like to be used in the homepage slideshow. Depending on your template purchase, landscape images at around 1600 x 1200 pixels typically work best.

  18. How does the "Clients section or Client Login" work?

    The Clients section works off of a specific SmugMug folder called Clients that we will create for you in your SmugMug account if you have not already done so. Once the template installation has been completed, you can then upload galleries into the Clients folder and your visitors can access them via the client login mechanism username which you provide.

    The client mechanism username field runs off of SmugMug "nicenames". As you create sub-folders or upload galleries into the Clients category, SmugMug assigns "nicenames" to them which would then be used as a username.

    It can work 2 ways: If a visitor would need access to a gallery within a sub-folder such as "2012", they would use "2012" as the username and it would then give them access to any gallery in that sub-folder. If you have a gallery just under the folder "Clients" and not in a sub-folder (recommended), the username would then become the nicename of the gallery. The nicename is always accessible via the gallery settings of any gallery under the essentials and is changable to make it easier for your visitors. You may also password protect galleries if you like just using the SmugMug gallery settings for an extra level of protection if needed! Lastly, if you prefer to not have the client login mechanism installed and just have a separate area for galleries similar to the Portfolio area, just let us know!

  19. What files do you accept for content and my logo?

    We accept text content in any form that can come across in email whether that is a text doc, word doc or just plain email. For images to be used in the content pages, we ask they be emailed across titled to their appropriate page. Size is not important as SmugMug will resize the image automatically, but for ease of emailing the images across please try to keep the file size under 1mb. For logos, we prefer editable format such as a photoshop or illustrator file. High-res PNG with a transparent background will also work just fine.

  20. What payment options do you offer?

    We prefer to use Paypal; our Paypal email is sales@fastlinemedia.com. If you would prefer not to use Paypal, you may also send a check to our business address.

    FastLine Media
    1865 Winchester Blvd. #202
    Campbell, CA 95008

  21. Do you fix code or customization I have done? Do you have an hourly rate?

    We do have an hourly rate of $100/hour, but no longer offer code fixes, site updates and hourly work to already customized SmugMug sites not done by us.

  22. I have questions in regards to your template service. Can I speak to someone?

    This FAQ is an attempt to alleviate any questions you may have regarding our template service. If you feel you need to speak to someone before purchasing a template design, please drop us a note and we can schedule a time to speak.

  23. What if I have questions about SmugMug?

    We're glad you asked! SmugMug has amazing top-notch support heroes ready to serve you! Drop them a note with your questions at help@smugmug.com. You can check out their amazing help docs and support forum for even more information.

  24. Where can I find your post-installation SmugMug QA documentation?

    Our SmugMug QA documentation will always be available here - SmugMug QA Documentation (Legacy Version) or New SmugMug QA Documentation (New SmugMug Version). We recommend bookmarking the page(s) so you can always reference when making changes to your newly customized SmugMug site.