Meet FastLine Media…

Based in Campbell, CA, FastLine Media provides a broad range of design and development services from static website design, SmugMug customization and WordPress themes to print design and marketing to help your business succeed.

We love working on the web. Seriously, it’s our passion. We’re technically savvy, strive for perfection and work to impress our clients everyday. It is our mission to provide you with effective solutions that properly fit the scope of your project.¬†Whether you need basic updates to your site or a complete redesign, we can help.

FastLine Media was founded in the early part of 2010 by two friends, Billy Young and Justin Busa, with a desire to innovate on the web and provide exceptional customer service. With a broad range of technical and business development skills, Billy and Justin make a powerful team beneficial to have on your side. In addition to that, you will find working with them a pleasure! They are just two easygoing, down to earth guys doing what they love to do.

Robby McCullough, the newest member of the FastLine family, joined us August of 2012 and has been blazing a path into the hearts of our clients ever since! With a strong background in both design and development as well as a very personable demeanor, he complements the team invaluably.

Would you like to learn more about FastLine Media? Contact us today!